If you are a kind of person who wants to add reminders fast and easy, without filling a million of fields – SmallTask is the right app for you. This app will always remind you about your tasks.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Elegant design
  • Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X
  • Wireless synchronization between devices via Dropbox/iCloud
  • New: web access >>
  • Price: $0.99

SmallTask for iPhone - all your tasks in one place.

SmallTask for iPad - elegant design with magic simplicity.

SmallTask on Mac OS X - keep your tasks synchronized on your Mac.

This is exactly what I needed... Quick, precise, easy. Great.

- Terezulini App Store

I make a list of tasks for my day and SmallTasks helps me not to forget anything. Tasks are syncronised with my iPad via Dropbox (works excellent). My favorite free app!!

- Franky3fingers App Store

Very efficient.. Easy to use.. I Use it everyday!

- jonforlorn App Store

I use it with SmallTask on my iPhone and works great! It is really convenient to have wireless synchronization between your mac and iPhone.

- Marazze Mac App Store
How to delete tasks?

To delete task on iOS, use "swipe to delete" gesture - swipe your finger to the right/left to delete task. To do the same on Mac OS X, click with right mouse button on task and select "Delete".

I don't get alarms on my devices, what is the problem?

Please make sure that sounds and badges are enabled for SmallTask in your device, refer to section "Notifications".

How to get my tasks synchronized between my iPhone and iPad?

Your tasks are automatically synchronised with iCloud and will appear on all your iOS devices. Optional Dropbox synchronisation is available in settings.

How to edit tasks?

Tap on any of your tasks to edit it.

iPhone Screenshots

iPad Screenshots

  • SmallTask application for iPad
  • SmallTask application for iPad
  • SmallTask application for iPad

Mac OS X Screenshots

  • SmallTask application for Mac OS X
  • SmallTask application for Mac OS X
  • SmallTask application for Mac OS X

You can always access your tasks using SmallTask web service:

SmallTask Web Access

This web app will help you to manage your tasks even if you iOS device battery is out of charge :)

Beta version

Please note that the current version of web app of SmallTask is in beta status. If you will experience any problems, please contact us.

SmallTask 1.0.7

Released on 23/12/11
  • improved app launch speed (in multitasking mode)
  • Fixed: bug fixes

SmallTask 1.0.5

Released on 10/11/11
  • New alarms sounds
  • Improved overall stability of the app
  • Fixed: small bugs

SmallTask 1.0.2

Released on 09/10/11
  • New: iCloud synchronization
  • Fixed: problem with adding new task on iPhone
  • Fixed: crashing on iPad

SmallTask 0.99

Released on 29/06/11
  • New: you can add new tasks without notification alarm
  • New: settings are now available within the app
  • New: SmallTask web app at is available

SmallTask 0.98

Released on 13/05/11
  • New: enhanced UI on iPad
  • New: Mac OS X version released
  • Fixed: Bug with incorrect Dropbox synchronization between devices

SmallTask 0.97

Released on 25/04/11
  • New: Repeating alarm for notifications (this option should be enabled in the settings)
  • New: Copying tasks into the clipboard
  • Fixed: Bug with wrong "today" date fixed
  • Fixed: Bug with incorrect badge number fixed

SmallTask 0.95

Released on 9/04/11
  • New: Setting icon badge mode (this option is located in the settings)
  • New: Separator line between new and overdue tasks
  • New: "Delete Task" button on iPhone
  • Fixed: Incorrect localization fixed

For general feedback, reporting problems and for all other reasons, please write to the following email:

Thank you for your time, we hope you will choose SmallTask as your task manager! :)

Suggestions are welcome

If you have an idea that will help to improve SmallTask, please share it with us. We always take into account feedback from users and implement it in new versions of SmallTask.